Pomegranate Jam with Natural Fruit Sugars

Made from meticulously harvested, top-quality pomegranates, our jam embodies the essence of tradition and purity. Produced in the most authentic manner, our unique blend features only natural fruit sugars from pomegranate and grape, resulting in a delightful combination of rich reddish hues, captivating aroma, and the exquisite taste of pomegranate jam that is sure to enchant your senses.

Available in packaging sizes:
250gr 1ΚG 5ΚG
  • Also available in plastic crates: 12 pcs. for 250gr
  • The 1kg and 5Kg packaging is suitable for professional use
Storage temperature:
  • +4°C room temperature (in a cool, shady place) before opening
  • +4°C in refrigeration after opening
Shelf life:
2y 15w
  • 2 years in a cool and shady place
  • 4 weeks in refrigeration after opening

Our goal is to offer you a jam of excellent quality with an incomparable taste that brings you the countless nutritional benefits of pomegranate.

With the addition of pure ingredients and natural fruit sugars (from pomegranate and grape), we deliver an amazing result that captures the unique flavor of pomegranate jam.

Enjoy it:

  • Every morning at breakfast, accompanied by a glass of organic pomegranate juice to kickstart your day with energy and a perfectly nutritious meal.
  • Offer your children a slice of bread with jam as a healthy snack for school.
  • Use it in the preparation of your desserts to enhance their taste or even as a decorative element, adding a vibrant color.

Try it any time of the day for a sweet and healthy treat!