100% Natural Organic Frozen Pomegranate Juice

100% natural pomegranate juice from organically farmed pomegranates of excellent quality. Our careful and attentive harvesting process ensures that you receive a product of exceptional taste and quality, without the addition of preservatives or other additives.

Available in packaging sizes:
250ml 500ml 1L 5L

Also available in plastic crates:

  • 35pcs. for 250ml
  • 23pcs. for 500ml
  • 16pcs. for 1L
  • 6 pcs. for 5L (plastic canister)

The 5L packaging is suitable for professional use

Storage temperature:
+4°c -18°c
  • +4°C in refrigeration (liquid form when thawed)
  • -18°C in the freezer (frozen form)
Shelf life:
2y 25m 8d
  • 2 years from the production date in the freezer
  • 25 days in refrigeration
  • 8 days in refrigeration after opening

Our juice is made from 100% fresh, natural, organic pomegranates. Through a simple squeezing process, it retains its deep red color, great taste, and incredible nutritional value. This provides all the vitamins, antioxidants, iron, and potassium that our bodies need every day to stimulate and defend our immune system.

According to research, pomegranate juice regulates the body's metabolism, increases libido, helps reduce stress and blood pressure, aids in toxin removal from the body, and supports immune system defense and digestion.

Take a 250ml bottle with you to work for a stimulating break, on a walk, or to the gym for a refreshing and enjoyable dose of hydration!

Our Natural Organic Juice Production Process:

We take pride in producing our natural organic juice with a strong commitment to preserving the essential nutritional values of our pomegranates while ensuring top-notch quality and freshness:

  • Pomegranate Selection: We carefully choose pomegranates that are ideal for juicing.
  • Thorough Washing: Our selected pomegranates undergo a thorough washing process to eliminate any unwanted organisms.
  • Juicing: We use stainless steel machines and the clear juice method to extract fresh juice without pits and pieces of skin.
  • Quality Testing: Our juice undergoes rigorous testing in our own laboratory using advanced equipment to ensure its quality.
  • Bottling: We bottle the fresh natural juice without the addition of any preservatives or other additives.
  • Cold storage: The freshly bottled juice is stored in cold chambers at -18°C, creating an environment suitable for preserving the nutrients.
  • Thawing: Prior to distribution, we employ the Ultra High Hydrostatic Pressure method to thaw and process the juice. This technique increases the shelf life when refrigerated while retaining all the vital nutrients.
  • Distribution: Our natural organic pomegranate juice is distributed to retail outlets using Temperature-Controlled Refrigerator-Freezer trucks, ensuring that you receive our product in optimal condition!



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100% Natural Organic Frozen Pomegranate Juice
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