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Choose Askofruit, choose DIO, choose trust!


When you choose AskofruIt, you choose DIO, you choose trust! All Askofruit products undergo rigorous testing and certification by DIO.

Within the framework of the Organic Agriculture Product Certification System implemented by DIO Organization, initial certification is granted and subsequently verified by a Certification Board comprising esteemed scientists from various fields with extensive knowledge and experience in organic agriculture. This process ensures the reliability, validity, and fairness of certification awards. Additionally, DIO Organization conducts a significantly higher number of inspections (both regular and random) and analyses compared to those required by national regulations. We adhere to the strictest international pesticide detection limits.

«The process of inspecting and certifying organic products starts from the beginning of each activity and continues through all stages of production, storage, packaging, standardization, and marketing, until the product reaches the consumer.»

The Organic Agriculture Product Certification System by DIO Organization is overseen by competent authorities (ELGO DIMITRA - formerly OPEGEP, ESYD, and the Directorate of Organic Agriculture of the Ministry of Rural Development and Food). Furthermore, it is supervised by an independent body, the Impartiality and Monitoring Committee, with representatives from consumer and environmental organizations, as well as certified business owners.

DIO Organization has been accredited by ESYD for various categories of activities and products in Food Safety Management Systems (EN-ISO 22000:2005) and Quality Management Systems (EN-ISO 9001:2008), ensuring the reliability and validity of the certifications granted.

With respect to partners and consumers.
Enjoy responsibly, enjoy with trust.

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